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WE NOW HAVE AN ONLINE STORE!!  Shop Skin care, Hair Care and Cosmetics!



Kevin Murphy

and MORE!!


Get a gift card for a friend, partner, employee or even a passive aggressive co-worker.  Nothing says you care like being tortured during a waxing service.  Beauty is pain after they say.  Gift cards can be used for all services at our spa.  Waxing, Facials and Lash Lifts.  All Services.


Monday - Friday

10am to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday

 10am to 4pm

Our Team of Professional Beauty Therapists

Angelique "Annie" LeDoux

Grayson Owens

Naomi Sommer

Theresa Mulkey


About Us

Lady Wax Studio and Spa was originally a one woman business owned by Theresa Y. Mulkey.

Theresa has been an esthetician for over ten years.

Skin became a fascination with Theresa after developing a skin disorder called Acanthosis Nigricans.  This skin disorder happened in high school and took a huge toll on her self-confidence.   It took a few years and lots of research where she discovered the link between her skin issues and a hormone imbalance caused by having PCOS.

Theresa worked at local health food store and learned a lot about skin care and skin care products.  She furthered her knowledge in the health and beauty industry by obtaining her license in Esthetics back in 2008.

Theresa continues to love, study and share her interest in the science of phyto based skin care.

Skin care is a passion for her and she provides skin care consultations and will create treatment plans and recommendations for you to follow.   WARNING...She's Blunt!   If necessary, she will also refer clients to professionals in the medical industry depending on their concerns.  This would be dermatologists, medical doctors and/or naturopaths.

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